Git Git statistics


  • git log [<options>] [<revision range>] [[--] <path>]
  • git log --pretty=short | git shortlog [<options>]
  • git shortlog [<options>] [<revision range>] [[--] <path>]


-n, --numberedSort output according to the number of commits per author instead of alphabetic order
-s, --summaryOnly provide a commit count summary
-e, --emailShow the email address of each author
--format[=<format>]Instead of the commit subject, use some other information to describe each commit. <format> can be any string accepted by the --format option of git log.
-w[<width>[,<indent1>[,<indent2>]]]Linewrap the output by wrapping each line at width. The first line of each entry is indented by indent1 number of spaces, and subsequent lines are indented by indent2 spaces.
<revision range>Show only commits in the specified revision range. Default to the whole history until the current commit.
[--] <path>Show only commits that explain how the files matching path came to be. Paths may need to be prefixed with "-- " to separate them from options or the revision range.