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Git shortlog is used to summarize the git log outputs and group the commits by author.

By default, all commit messages are shown but argument --summary or -s skips the messages and gives a list of authors with their total number of commits.

--numbered or -n changes the ordering from alphabetical (by author ascending) to number of commits descending.

git shortlog -sn        #Names and Number of commits

git shortlog -sne       #Names along with their email ids and the Number of commits


git log --pretty=format:%ae \
| gawk -- '{ ++c[$0]; } END { for(cc in c) printf "%5d %s\n",c[cc],cc; }'

Note: Commits by the same person may not be grouped together where their name and/or email address has been spelled differently. For example John Doe and Johnny Doe will appear separately in the list. To resolve this, refer to the .mailmap feature.