Git diff-tree Common diff options


-zoutput diff-raw with lines terminated with NUL.
-poutput patch format.
-usynonym for -p.
--patch-with-rawoutput both a patch and the diff-raw format.
--statshow diffstat instead of patch.
--numstatshow numeric diffstat instead of patch.
--patch-with-statoutput a patch and prepend its diffstat.
--name-onlyshow only names of changed files.
--name-statusshow names and status of changed files.
--full-indexshow full object name on index lines.
--abbrev=<n>abbreviate object names in diff-tree header and diff-raw.
-Rswap input file pairs.
-Bdetect complete rewrites.
-Mdetect renames.
-Cdetect copies.
--find-copies-hardertry unchanged files as candidate for copy detection.
-l<n>limit rename attempts up to paths.
-Oreorder diffs according to the .
-Sfind filepair whose only one side contains the string.
--pickaxe-allshow all files diff when -S is used and hit is found.
-a --texttreat all files as text.