Git Browsing the history Oneline log


git log --oneline

will show all of your commits with only the first part of the hash and the commit message. Each commit will be in a single line, as the oneline flag suggests.

The oneline option prints each commit on a single line, which is useful if you’re looking at a lot of commits. - source

Example (from Free Code Camp repository, with the same section of code from the other example):

87ef97f Merge pull request #7724 from BKinahan/fix/where-art-thou
eb8b729 Fix 'its' typo in Where Art Thou description
e50ff0d Merge pull request #7718 from deathsythe47/fix/unnecessary-comma
2652d04 Remove unnecessary comma from
6b01875 Merge pull request #7667 from zerkms/patch-1
766f088 Fixed assignment operator terminology
d1e2468 Merge pull request #7690 from BKinahan/fix/unsubscribe-crash
bed9de2 Merge pull request #7657 from Rafase282/fix/

If you wish to limit you command to last n commits log you can simply pass a parameter. For example, if you wish to list last 2 commits logs

git log -2 --oneline