pandas IO for Google BigQuery Reading data from BigQuery with user account credentials


In [1]: import pandas as pd

In order to run a query in BigQuery you need to have your own BigQuery project. We can request some public sample data:

In [2]: data = pd.read_gbq('''SELECT title, id, num_characters
   ...:                       FROM [publicdata:samples.wikipedia]
   ...:                       LIMIT 5'''
   ...:                    , project_id='<your-project-id>')

This will print out:

Your browser has been opened to visit:[looong url cutted]

If your browser is on a different machine then exit and re-run this
application with the command-line parameter


If your are operating from local machine than browser will pop-up. After granting privileges pandas will continue with output:

Authentication successful.
Requesting query... ok.
Query running...
Query done.
Processed: 13.8 Gb

Retrieving results...
Got 5 rows.

Total time taken 1.5 s.
Finished at 2016-08-23 11:26:03.


In [3]: data
               title       id  num_characters
0       Fusidic acid   935328            1112
1     Clark Air Base   426241            8257
2  Watergate scandal    52382           25790
3               2005    35984           75813
4               .BLP  2664340            1659

As a side effect pandas will create json file bigquery_credentials.dat which will allow you to run further queries without need to grant privileges any more:

In [9]: pd.read_gbq('SELECT count(1) cnt FROM [publicdata:samples.wikipedia]'
                   , project_id='<your-project-id>')
Requesting query... ok.
[rest of output cutted]

0  313797035