pandas IO for Google BigQuery Reading data from BigQuery with service account credentials


If you have created service account and have private key json file for it, you can use this file to authenticate with pandas

In [5]: pd.read_gbq('''SELECT corpus, sum(word_count) words
                       FROM [bigquery-public-data:samples.shakespeare]       
                       GROUP BY corpus                                
                       ORDER BY words desc
                       LIMIT 5'''
                   , project_id='<your-project-id>'
                   , private_key='<private key json contents or file path>')
Requesting query... ok.
[rest of output cutted]

           corpus  words
0          hamlet  32446
1  kingrichardiii  31868
2      coriolanus  29535
3       cymbeline  29231
4    2kinghenryiv  28241