PowerShell PowerShell Workflows


PowerShell Workflow is a feature that was introduced starting with PowerShell version 3.0. Workflow definitions look very similar to PowerShell function definitions, however they execute within the Windows Workflow Foundation environment, instead of directly in the PowerShell engine.

Several unique "out of box" features are included with the Workflow engine, most notably, job persistence.


The PowerShell Workflow feature is exclusively supported on the Microsoft Windows platform, under PowerShell Desktop Edition. PowerShell Core Edition, which is supported on Linux, Mac, and Windows, does not support the PowerShell Workflow feature.

When authoring a PowerShell Workflow, keep in mind that workflows call activities, not cmdlets. You can still call cmdlets from a PowerShell Workflow, but the Workflow Engine will implicitly wrap the cmdlet invocation in an InlineScript activity. You can also explicitly wrap code inside of the InlineScript activity, which executes PowerShell code; by default the InlineScript activity runs in a separate process, and returns the result to the calling Workflow.