R Language Raster and Image Analysis Mathematical Morphologies


The package mmand provides functions for the calculation of Mathematical Morphologies for n-dimensional arrays. With a little workaround, these can also be calculated for raster images.


r <- raster("C:/Program Files/R/R-3.2.3/doc/html/logo.jpg")

At first, a kernel (moving window) has to be set with a size (e.g. 9x9) and a shape type (e.g. disc, box or diamond)

sk <- shapeKernel(c(9,9), type="disc")

Afterwards, the raster layer has to be converted into an array wich is used as input for the erode() function.

rArr <- as.array(r, transpose = TRUE)
rErode <- erode(rArr, sk)
rErode <- setValues(r, as.vector(aperm(rErode)))

Besides erode(), also the morphological functions dilate(), opening() and closing() can be applied like this.


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