R Language I/O for database tables Reading Data from MongoDB Databases


In order to load data from a MongoDB database into an R dataframe, use the library MongoLite:

# Use MongoLite library:
# Connect to the database and the desired collection as root:
db <- mongo(collection = "Tweets", db = "TweetCollector", url = "mongodb://USERNAME:PASSWORD@HOSTNAME")

# Read the desired documents i.e. Tweets inside one dataframe:
documents <- db$find(limit = 100000, skip = 0, fields = '{ "_id" : false, "Text" : true }')

The code connects to the server HOSTNAME as USERNAME with PASSWORD, tries to open the database TweetCollector and read the collection Tweets. The query tries to read the field i.e. column Text.

The results is a dataframe with columns as the yielded data set. In case of this example, the dataframe contains the column Text, e.g. documents$Text.