R Language Installing packages Install package from local source


To install package from local source file:

install.packages(path_to_source, repos = NULL, type="source")

install.packages("~/Downloads/dplyr-master.zip", repos=NULL, type="source")

Here, path_to_source is absolute path of local source file.

Another command that opens a window to choose downloaded zip or tar.gz source files is:

install.packages(file.choose(), repos=NULL)

Another possible way is using the GUI based RStudio:

Step 1: Go to Tools.

Step 2: Go to Install Packages.

Step 3: In the Install From set it as Package Archive File (.zip; .tar.gz)

Step 4: Then Browse find your package file (say crayon_1.3.1.zip) and after some time (after it shows the Package path and file name in the Package Archive tab)

Another way to install R package from local source is using install_local() function from devtools package.