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Ruby Language Difference between single-quoted and double-quoted String literals


The main difference is that double-quoted String literals support string interpolations and the full set of escape sequences.

For instance, they can include arbitrary Ruby expressions via interpolation:

# Single-quoted strings don't support interpolation
puts 'Now is #{Time.now}'
# Now is #{Time.now}

# Double-quoted strings support interpolation
puts "Now is #{Time.now}"
# Now is 2016-07-21 12:43:04 +0200

Double-quoted strings also support the entire set of escape sequences including "\n", "\t"...

puts 'Hello\nWorld'
# Hello\nWorld

puts "Hello\nWorld"
# Hello
# World

... while single-quoted strings support no escape sequences, baring the minimal set necessary for single-quoted strings to be useful: Literal single quotes and backslashes, '\'' and '\\' respectively.