Swift Language (Unsafe) Buffer Pointers UnsafeMutablePointer


struct UnsafeMutablePointer<Pointee>

A pointer for accessing and manipulating data of a specific type.

You use instances of the UnsafeMutablePointer type to access data of a specific type in memory. The type of data that a pointer can access is the pointer's Pointee type. UnsafeMutablePointer provides no automated memory management or alignment guarantees. You are responsible for handling the life cycle of any memory you work with through unsafe pointers to avoid leaks or undefined behavior.

Memory that you manually manage can be either untyped or bound to a specific type. You use the UnsafeMutablePointer type to access and manage memory that has been bound to a specific type. (Source)

import Foundation

let arr = [1,5,7,8]

let pointer = UnsafeMutablePointer<[Int]>.allocate(capacity: 4)
pointer.initialize(to: arr)

let x = pointer.pointee[3]


pointer.deallocate(capacity: 4)

class A {
  var x: String?
  convenience init (_ x: String) {
    self.x = x
  func description() -> String {
    return x ?? ""

let arr2 = [A("OK"), A("OK 2")]
let pointer2 = UnsafeMutablePointer<[A]>.allocate(capacity: 2)
pointer2.initialize(to: arr2)

let y = pointer2.pointee[1]


pointer2.deallocate(capacity: 2)

Converted to Swift 3.0 from original source