WordPress How to Create Your Own Website With WordPress

How to Create Your Own Website With WordPress?

For business, education, or personal use, WordPress is the best way to create a website. It is a very complete and easy-to-use content manager, much more than other managers. Therefore, the functionalities of the WordPress platform will make your website have a professional result.

It should be noted that WordPress is free, although you will have to invest in hosting, templates, a programmer if you hire one, or plugins. While other students do my essay, you can create your own website right now and start earning money. What do you need to create your own website with WordPress? Let us tell you!

WordPress hosting

In addition to WordPress, you will need a good hosting that offers PHP and MySQL language. What does it consist of and what does it offer?

WordPress hosting offers different plans depending on the needs of your website. It includes a server-level configuration optimized for pages designed with WordPress, from PHP configuration and protection systems to online tools to keep WordPress updated automatically.

Advantages and tools

A good hosting offers many facilities, tools, and advantages:

  • Maximum loading speed: It will allow your website to work quickly.
  • Security: An important point is to have an SLL security certificate.
  • The domain of your web: Register the domain of your choice for your website.
  • Technical support: When a problem arises, you will always be able to receive the attention of an expert professional to solve your doubts.
  • Backup copies: Your information is saved in backup copies, either of the system or the database, a very important backup!
  • WordPress Toolkit: This tool is essential to manage web security and plugin and theme updates.

Depending on the hosting plan you choose, you will have a certain space, data traffic, GBytes of RAM, email accounts, and databases, among other benefits. In conclusion, good hosting is worth it.

The look and feel of the website

The image of the website will be key for it to be attractive and retain the public. There are two options. On the one hand, you can install a ready-made theme or template. The other option is to design the WordPress theme yourself, for which you need to modify the CSS or HTML of the page. If you don't have the necessary knowledge, you will have to resort to a web developer.

WordPress plugins

Once the website is finished, you will have to install the plugins that will make your WordPress much more attractive. Plugins are very useful since they are small programs that add a series of special functionalities that are not installed at the beginning. The use of plugins makes the difference between one website and another. It is important to know them well to use them efficiently. These are the most used ones:

Yoast SEO

One of the essential plugins is Yoast SEO, key for users to find you in their searches. It is a tool that allows you to customize the title of the web page and its description, in addition to offering a preview of how the website looks when it is searched on Google.


It is of great help in the visual section, since it compresses images .jpg and .png without loss of quality. Some of its advantages are that it improves the speed of the web and allows you to upload up to 500 images per month.

Akismet and Disqus

Nobody likes SPAM from third parties on their website or unwanted comments. Well, to manage comments we can use Akismet or Disqus, an excellent filter to avoid SPAM.

WPML.org and Polylang

By default, the website appears in one language. However, WordPress has several plugins that allow you to translate the website into several languages. Here we must talk about WPML.org, which translates the interface and the website into several languages. However, Polylang is gaining ground, as it is free and offers a similar result.

WP Wishlist

Finally, let's talk about WP Wishlist. It is the ideal plugin if you offer exclusive content to premium or paying users. With this plugin, you can distribute all kinds of items as text, video, images, or audio, among premium users. In addition, it allows you to set different access levels, so you can create several membership levels. Also, it allows you to set up payment through PayPal, Clickbank, or Infusionsoft.

With all this, your WordPress will be ready, and you will have a website tailored to your needs or those of your business.