WordPress get_bloginfo()

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Retrieves information about the current site.


  • get_bloginfo( $show , $filter )


$show(string) The site setting information to retrieve.
$filter(string) The specification on whether to return a filtered value or not.



'name' (Default)Site title'Matt Mullenweg'
'description'Site tagline'Just another WordPress site'
'wpurl'URL of the WordPress installation. Same as the site_url() function'http://example.com' , 'http://localhost/wordpress'
'url'URL of the site. Same as the home_url() function'http://example.com' , 'http://localhost/wordpress'
'admin_email'Email address of the main Administrator'matt@mullenweg.com'
'charset'Character encoding of the pages and feeds'UTF-8'
'version'Current version of the WordPress installation'4.5'
'html_type'content-type value of the HTML'text/html'
'text_direction'Text direction determined by the site’s language'ltr'
'language'ISO 639-1 based language code'en-US'
'stylesheet_url'URL of the stylesheet of the activated theme. Value priority: Child theme » Parent theme.'http://example.com/wp-content/themes/twentysixteen/style.css'
'stylesheet_directory'Resource location of the activated theme. Value priority: Child theme » Parent theme.'http://example.com/wp-content/themes/twentysixteen'
'template_url'URL directory of the activated theme. Value priority: Parent theme » Child theme.'http://example.com/wp-content/themes/twentysixteen'
'template_directory'Same as 'template_url'
'pingback_url'Pingback XML-RPC file'http://example/xmlrpc.php'
'atom_url'Atom feed URL'http://example/feed/atom/'
'rdf_url'RDF/RSS 1.0 feed URL'http://example/feed/rdf/'
'rss_url'RSS 0.92 feed URL'http://example/feed/rss/'
'rss2_url'RSS 2.0 feed URL'http://example/feed/'
'comments_atom_url'Comments Atom feed URL'http://example/comments/feed/atom/'
'siteurl'(deprecated) Use ‘url’ instead
'home'(deprecated) Use ‘url’ instead


'raw' (Default)No filters will be appliedraw data
'display'Filters will be applied to the return value if $show is neither 'url' , 'directory' , 'home'filtered data

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