wpfValue and Multivalue Converters


valueThe value produced by the binding source.
valuesThe values array, produced by the binding source.
targetTypeThe type of the binding target property.
parameterThe converter parameter to use.
cultureThe culture to use in the converter.


What IValueConverter and IMultiValueConverterthey are

IValueConverter and IMultiValueConverter - interfaces that provides a way to apply a custom logic to a binding.

What they are useful for

  1. You have a some type value but you want to show zero values in one way and positive numbers in another way
  2. You have a some type value and want to show element in one case and hide in another
  3. You have a numeric value of money but want to show it as words
  4. You have a numeric value but want to show different images for defferent numbers

These are some of the simple cases, but there are many more.

For cases like this, you can use a value converter. These small classes, which implement the IValueConverter interface or IMultiValueConverter, will act like middlemen and translate a value between the source and the destination. So, in any situation where you need to transform a value before it reaches its destination or back to its source again, you likely need a converter.