wpfMarkup Extensions


ProvideValueMarkupExtension class has only one method that should be overridden, XAML parser then uses the value provided by this method to evaluate the result of markup extension.


A markup extension can be implemented to provide values for properties in an attribute usage, properties in a property element usage, or both.

When used to provide an attribute value, the syntax that distinguishes a markup extension sequence to a XAML processor is the presence of the opening and closing curly braces ({ and }). The type of markup extension is then identified by the string token immediately following the opening curly brace.

When used in property element syntax, a markup extension is visually the same as any other element used to provide a property element value: a XAML element declaration that references the markup extension class as an element, enclosed within angle brackets (<>).

For more info visit https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms747254(v=vs.110).aspx