Git Migrating to Git Migrate from Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) to Git


You could migrate from team foundation version control to git by using an open source tool called Git-TF. Migration will also transfer your existing history by converting tfs checkins to git commits.

To put your solution into Git by using Git-TF follow these steps:

Download Git-TF

You can download (and install) Git-TF from Codeplex: Git-TF @ Codeplex

Clone your TFVC solution

Launch powershell (win) and type the command

git-tf clone http://my.tfs.server.address:port/tfs/mycollection '$/myproject/mybranch/mysolution' --deep

The --deep switch is the keeyword to note as this tells Git-Tf to copy your checkin-history. You now have a local git repository in the folder from which you called your cloe command from.


  • Add a .gitignore file. If you are using Visual Studio the editor can do this for you, otherwise you could do this manually by downloading a complete file from github/gitignore.
  • RemoveTFS source control bindings from solution (remove all *.vssscc files). You could also modify your solution file by removing the GlobalSection(TeamFoundationVersionControl)......EndClobalSection

Commit & Push

Complete your conversion by committing and pushing your local repository to your remote.

git add .
git commit -a -m "Coverted solution source control from TFVC to Git"

git remote add origin https://my.remote/project/repo.git

git push origin master