JavaScript Modals - Prompts Confirm to Delete element


A way to use confirm() is when some UI action does some destructive changes to the page and is better accompanied by a notification and a user confirmation - like i.e. before deleting a post message:

<div id="post-102">
  <p>I like Confirm modals.</p>
  <a data-deletepost="post-102">Delete post</a>
<div id="post-103">
  <p>That's way too cool!</p>
  <a data-deletepost="post-103">Delete post</a>
// Collect all buttons
var deleteBtn = document.querySelectorAll("[data-deletepost]");

function deleteParentPost(event) {
  event.preventDefault(); // Prevent page scroll jump on anchor click
  if( confirm("Really Delete this post?") ) {
    var post = document.getElementById( this.dataset.deletepost );
    // TODO: remove that post from database
  } // else, do nothing

// Assign click event to buttons
[], function(btn) {
  btn.addEventListener("click", deleteParentPost, false);

jsFiddle demo