JavaScript Arrays


  • array = [value, value, ...]
  • array = new Array(value, value, ...)
  • array = Array.of(value, value, ...)
  • array = Array.from(arrayLike)


Summary: Arrays in JavaScript are, quite simply, modified Object instances with an advanced prototype, capable of performing a variety of list-related tasks. They were added in ECMAScript 1st Edition, and other prototype methods arrived in ECMAScript 5.1 Edition.

Warning: If a numeric parameter called n is specified in the new Array() constructor, then it will declare an array with n amount of elements, not declare an array with 1 element with the value of n!

console.log(new Array(53)); // This array has 53 'undefined' elements!

That being said, you should always use [] when declaring an array:

console.log([53]); // Much better!