JavaScript Web Storage Using localStorage


The localStorage object provides persistent (but not permanent - see limits below) key-value storage of strings. Any changes are immediately visible in all other windows/frames from the same origin. The stored values persistent indefinitely unless the user clears saved data or configures an expiration limit. localStorage uses a map-like interface for getting and setting values.

localStorage.setItem('name', "John Smith");
console.log(localStorage.getItem('name')); // "John Smith"

console.log(localStorage.getItem('name')); // null

If you want to store simple structured data, you can use JSON to serialize it to and from strings for storage.

var players = [{name: "Tyler", score: 22}, {name: "Ryan", score: 41}];
localStorage.setItem('players', JSON.stringify(players));

// [ Object { name: "Tyler", score: 22 }, Object { name: "Ryan", score: 41 } ]

localStorage limits in browsers

Mobile browsers:

BrowserGoogle ChromeAndroid BrowserFirefoxiOS Safari
Space available10MB2MB10MB5MB

Desktop browsers:

BrowserGoogle ChromeOperaFirefoxSafariInternet Explorer
Space available10MB10MB10MB5MB10MB