JavaScript Functions Function Composition

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Composing multiple functions into one is a functional programming common practice;

composition makes a pipeline through which our data will transit and get modified simply working on the function-composition (just like snapping pieces of a track together)...

you start out with some single responsibility functions:

 const capitalize = x => x.replace(/^\w/, m => m.toUpperCase());
 const sign = x => x + ',\nmade with love';

and easily create a transformation track:

 const formatText = compose(capitalize, sign);

 formatText('this is an example')
 //This is an example,
 //made with love

N.B. Composition is achieved through a utility function usually called compose as in our example.

Implementation of compose are present in many JavaScript utility libraries (lodash, rambda, etc.) but you can also start out with a simple implementation such as:

 const compose = (...funs) =>
   x =>
   funs.reduce((ac, f) => f(ac), x);

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