JavaScript Comparison Operations Grouping multiple logic statements


You can group multiple boolean logic statements within parenthesis in order to create a more complex logic evaluation, especially useful in if statements.

if ((age >= 18 && height >= 5.11) || (status === 'royalty' && hasInvitation)) {
  console.log('You can enter our club');

We could also move the grouped logic to variables to make the statement a bit shorter and descriptive:

var isLegal = age >= 18;
var tall = height >= 5.11;
var suitable = isLegal && tall;
var isRoyalty = status === 'royalty';
var specialCase = isRoyalty && hasInvitation;
var canEnterOurBar = suitable || specialCase;

if (canEnterOurBar) console.log('You can enter our club');

Notice that in this particular example (and many others), grouping the statements with parenthesis works the same as if we removed them, just follow a linear logic evaluation and you'll find yourself with the same result. I do prefer using parenthesis as it allows me to understand clearer what I intended and might prevent for logic mistakes.