JavaScript Strings Trim whitespace

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To trim whitespace from the edges of a string, use String.prototype.trim:

"    some whitespaced string  ".trim();  // "some whitespaced string"

Many JavaScript engines, but not Internet Explorer, have implemented non-standard trimLeft and trimRight methods. There is a proposal, currently at Stage 1 of the process, for standardised trimStart and trimEnd methods, aliased to trimLeft and trimRight for compatibility.

// Stage 1 proposal
"    this is me    ".trimStart();  // "this is me    "
"    this is me    ".trimEnd();  // "    this is me"

// Non-standard methods, but currently implemented by most engines
"    this is me    ".trimLeft();  // "this is me    "
"    this is me    ".trimRight();  // "    this is me"

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