PowerShell Amazon Web Services (AWS) Rekognition Compare Facial Similarity with AWS Rekognition


$BucketName = 'trevorrekognition'

### Create a new AWS S3 Bucket
New-S3Bucket -BucketName $BucketName

### Upload two different photos of myself to AWS S3 Bucket
Write-S3Object -BucketName $BucketName -File myphoto1.jpg
Write-S3Object -BucketName $BucketName -File myphoto2.jpg

### Perform a facial comparison between the two photos with AWS Rekognition
$Comparison = @{
    SourceImageBucket = $BucketName
    TargetImageBucket = $BucketName
    SourceImageName = 'myphoto1.jpg'
    TargetImageName = 'myphoto2.jpg'
    Region = 'us-east-1'
$Result = Compare-REKFace @Comparison

The example script provided above should give you results similar to the following:

Face                                  Similarity
----                                  ----------
Amazon.Rekognition.Model.ComparedFace 90

The AWS Rekognition service enables you to perform a facial comparison between two photos. Using this service is quite straightforward. Simply upload two image files, that you want to compare, to an AWS S3 Bucket. Then, invoke the Compare-REKFace command, similar to the example provided above. Of course, you'll need to provide your own, globally-unique S3 Bucket name and file names.