PowerShell Operators String Manipulation Operators


Replace operator:

The -replace operator replaces a pattern in an input value using a regular expression. This operator uses two arguments (separated by a comma): a regular expression pattern and its replacement value (which is optional and an empty string by default).

"The rain in Seattle" -replace 'rain','hail'        #Returns: The hail in Seattle
"kenmyer@contoso.com" -replace '^[\w]+@(.+)', '$1'  #Returns: contoso.com

Split and Join operators:

The -split operator splits a string into an array of sub-strings.

"A B C" -split " "      #Returns an array string collection object containing A,B and C.

The -join operator joins an array of strings into a single string.

"E","F","G" -join ":"   #Returns a single string: E:F:G