Ruby on Rails Configuration Configuring assets


The following configuration options can be used for configuring assets

  • config.assets.enabled: Determines whether the asset pipeline is enabled. This defaults to true
  • config.assets.raise_runtime_errors: This enables runtime error checking. It's useful for development mode
  • config.assets.compress: Lets assets be compressed. In production mode, this defaults to true
  • config.assets.js_compressor: Specifies which JS compressor to use. Options include :closure, :uglifier and :yui
  • config.assets.paths: Specifies which paths to search for assets.
  • config.assets.precompile: Lets you choose additional assets to be precompiled when rake assets:precompile is run
  • config.assets.digest: This option allows the use of MD-5 fingerprints in the asset names. It defaults to true in development mode
  • config.assets.compile: Toggles live Sprockets compilation in production mode