Ruby on Rails Rails generate commands Rails Generate Scaffold


DISCLAIMER: Scaffolding is not recommended unless it's for very conventional CRUD apps/testing. This may generate a lot of files(views/models/controllers) that are not needed in your web application thus causing headaches(bad :().

To generate a fully working scaffold for a new object, including model, controller, views, assets, and tests, use the rails g scaffold command.

$ rails g scaffold Widget name:string price:decimal
    invoke  active_record
    create    db/migrate/20160722171221_create_widgets.rb
    create    app/models/widget.rb
    invoke    test_unit
    create      test/models/widget_test.rb
    create      test/fixtures/widgets.yml
    invoke  resource_route
     route    resources :widgets
    invoke  scaffold_controller
    create    app/controllers/widgets_controller.rb
    invoke    erb
    create      app/views/widgets
    create      app/views/widgets/index.html.erb
    create      app/views/widgets/edit.html.erb
    create      app/views/widgets/show.html.erb
    create      app/views/widgets/new.html.erb
    create      app/views/widgets/_form.html.erb
    invoke    test_unit
    create      test/controllers/widgets_controller_test.rb
    invoke    helper
    create      app/helpers/widgets_helper.rb
    invoke    jbuilder
    create      app/views/widgets/index.json.jbuilder
    create      app/views/widgets/show.json.jbuilder
    invoke  assets
    invoke    javascript
    create      app/assets/javascripts/widgets.js
    invoke    scss
    create      app/assets/stylesheets/widgets.scss

Then you can run rake db:migrate to set up the database table.

Then you can visit http://localhost:3000/widgets and you'll see a fully functional CRUD scaffold.