Microsoft SQL Server Dropping temp tables


Temp tables must have unique IDs (within the session, for local temp tables, or within the server, for global temp tables). Trying to create a table using a name that already exists will return the following error:

There is already an object named '#tempTable' in the database.

If your query produces temp tables, and you want to run it more than once, you will need to drop the tables before trying to generate them again. The basic syntax for this is:

drop table #tempTable

Trying to execute this syntax before the table exists (e.g. on the first run of your syntax) will cause another error:

Cannot drop the table '#tempTable', because it does not exist or you do not have permission.

To avoid this, you can check to see if the table already exists before dropping it, like so:

IF OBJECT_ID ('tempdb..#tempTable', 'U') is not null DROP TABLE #tempTable