SQL Create a New Table


A basic Employees table, containing an ID, and the employee's first and last name along with their phone number can be created using

    Id int identity(1,1) primary key not null,
    FName varchar(20) not null,
    LName varchar(20) not null,
    PhoneNumber varchar(10) not null

This example is specific to Transact-SQL

CREATE TABLE creates a new table in the database, followed by the table name, Employees

This is then followed by the list of column names and their properties, such as the ID

Id int identity(1,1) not null
Idthe column's name.
intis the data type.
identity(1,1)states that column will have auto generated values starting at 1 and incrementing by 1 for each new row.
primary keystates that all values in this column will have unique values
not nullstates that this column cannot have null values