Tutorial by Topics: extensions

This documents the use of the System.Web.Mvc.Ajax library.

Citing MSDN docs "Each extension method renders an HTML element. The ActionLink method renders an anchor (a) element that links to an action method. The RouteLink method renders an anchor (a) element that links to a URL, which can resolve to an action method, a file, a folder, or some other resource. This class also contains BeginForm and BeginRouteForm methods that help you create HTML forms that are supported by AJAX functions.

Kotlin has a built-in view injection for Android, allowing to skip manual binding or need for frameworks such as ButterKnife. Some of the advantages are a nicer syntax, better static typing and thus being less error-prone.

Fortran files come under a variety of extensions and each of them have a separate meaning. They specify the Fortran release version, code formatting style and the usage of preprocessor directives similar to C programming language.

The GNU C compiler comes with some cool features that are not specified by the C standards. These extensions are heavily used in system software and are a great tool for performance optimization.

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