WordPress Installation and Configuration Installation WP in MAMP


It's quite simple to install wordpress in MAMP.

You have to follow a few simple steps:

1 - Download MAMP from here, it's free and you probably don't need the pro version.

2 - Install on your PC or Mac.

3 - Run the program -> you will see a little window open, from there you can set MAMP. At the moment leave all the pre-set values, for the first installation you don't need to complicate your life! In the future remember it's good practice to change your password and user name for the MySQL database. By default it's root.

4 - Click on "Open webStart page" - here you can see your data info like password, admin name and also info about MAMP.

5 - Click on tools -> phpMyAdmin and you will be redirected to the database page.

6 - Make a new database, click on new and give it the name you want, you will need this name later.

7 - Now look for a folder call "htdocs", it's inside the MAMP folder on your PC or Mac. If you use a Mac you need to one the application in Finder and open the app using "show package contents". Inside you will find the htdocs folder.

8 - Take the Wordpress folder and copy it inside the htdocs, you need put inside all folder, no put the zip file. Rename the folder, you can call with your project name.

9 - Comeback to the window of MAMP in your browser, and click on "My Site" - this will open a URL call http://localhost:8888 (8888 is the default port, you can change it if you want). Here you can see the folder you have put inside the htdocs folder, click on the name you have given to the folder.

10 - Now start a normal installation of WordPress, you need to use the Admin and Password. By default it's root and root, and use the name of the database you have created before.

11 - Run the installation and finish!

You will see your website on http://localhost:8888/namefolder Of course you need keep MAMP running.