Python Language pip: PyPI Package Manager

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pip is the most widely-used package manager for the Python Package Index, installed by default with recent versions of Python.


  • pip <command> [options] where <command> is one of:
    • install
      • Install packages
    • uninstall
      • Uninstall packages
    • freeze
      • Output installed packages in requirements format
    • list
      • List installed packages
    • show
      • Show information about installed packages
    • search
      • Search PyPI for packages
    • wheel
      • Build wheels from your requirements
    • zip
      • Zip individual packages (deprecated)
    • unzip
      • Unzip individual packages (deprecated)
    • bundle
      • Create pybundles (deprecated)
    • help
      • Show help for commands


Sometimes, pip will perfom a manual compilation of native code. On Linux python will automatically choose an available C compiler on your system. Refer to the table below for the required Visual Studio/Visual C++ version on Windows (newer versions will not work.).

Python VersionVisual Studio VersionVisual C++ Version
2.6 - 3.2Visual Studio 2008Visual C++ 9.0
3.3 - 3.4Visual Studio 2010Visual C++ 10.0
3.5Visual Studio 2015Visual C++ 14.0


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