Python Language pygame


Pygame is the go-to library for making multimedia applications, especially games, in Python. The official website is


  • pygame.mixer.init(frequency=22050, size=-16, channels=2, buffer=4096)
  • pygame.mixer.pre_init(frequency, size, channels, buffer)
  • pygame.mixer.quit()
  • pygame.mixer.get_init()
  • pygame.mixer.stop()
  • pygame.mixer.pause()
  • pygame.mixer.unpause()
  • pygame.mixer.fadeout(time)
  • pygame.mixer.set_num_channels(count)
  • pygame.mixer.get_num_channels()
  • pygame.mixer.set_reserved(count)
  • pygame.mixer.find_channel(force)
  • pygame.mixer.get_busy()


countA positive integer that represents something like the number of channels needed to be reserved.
forceA boolean value (False or True) that determines whether find_channel() has to return a channel (inactive or not) with True or not (if there are no inactive channels) with False