Ruby on Rails ActionMailer ActionMailer Interceptor


Action Mailer provides hooks into the interceptor methods. These allow you to register classes that are called during the mail delivery life cycle.

An interceptor class must implement the :delivering_email(message) method which will be called before the email is sent, allowing you to make modifications to the email before it hits the delivery agents. Your class should make any needed modifications directly to the passed in Mail::Message instance.

It can be useful for developers to send email to themselves not real users.

Example of registering an actionmailer interceptor:

# config/initializers/override_mail_recipient.rb

if Rails.env.development? or Rails.env.test?
  class OverrideMailRecipient
    def self.delivering_email(mail)
      mail.subject = 'This is dummy subject'
      mail.bcc = '' = ''