SQL String Functions Length


SQL Server

The LEN doesn't count the trailing space.

SELECT LEN('Hello') -- returns 5

SELECT LEN('Hello '); -- returns 5

The DATALENGTH counts the trailing space.

SELECT DATALENGTH('Hello') -- returns 5

SELECT DATALENGTH('Hello '); -- returns 6

It should be noted though, that DATALENGTH returns the length of the underlying byte representation of the string, which depends, i.a., on the charset used to store the string.

DECLARE @str varchar(100) = 'Hello ' --varchar is usually an ASCII string, occupying 1 byte per char
SELECT DATALENGTH(@str) -- returns 6

DECLARE @nstr nvarchar(100) = 'Hello ' --nvarchar is a unicode string, occupying 2 bytes per char
SELECT DATALENGTH(@nstr) -- returns 12


Syntax: Length ( char )


SELECT Length('Bible') FROM dual; --Returns 5
SELECT Length('righteousness') FROM dual; --Returns 13
SELECT Length(NULL) FROM dual; --Returns NULL

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