Visual Studio Visual Studio Shortcuts

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In Visual Studio, there are so many features and menu options that you can use for different purposes. To navigate in Visual Studio more easily you can use the shortcuts.

  • These shortcuts include keyboard and mouse shortcuts as well as text you can enter to help accomplish a task more easily.

The following are the most commonly used Visual Studio shortcuts.

Code editor

Task Shortcut
Go To All Ctrl+T
Go to recent files Ctrl+T,R
Multi-caret multiple insertion points Ctrl+Alt+click
Multi-caret add matching selection Shift+Alt+Ins
Format Document Ctrl+K,D
IntelliSense suggestion mode Ctrl+Alt+Space (Toggle)
Force show IntelliSense Ctrl+J
Quick Actions Ctrl+.
Snippet picker Ctrl+K,X or ?,Tab (Visual Basic)
Surround With Ctrl+K,S
Show Quick Info Ctrl+K,I
Navigate To Ctrl+,
Navigate highlighted references Ctrl+Shift+Up (Previous)
Ctrl+Shift+Down (Next)
Editor zoom Ctrl+Shift+> (In)
Ctrl+Shift+< (Out)
Block selection Hold Alt and drag mouse
Shift+Alt+Arrow keys
Move line up/down Alt+Up arrow / Alt+Down arrow
Duplicate line Ctrl+E,V
Expand selection Shift+Alt+=
Contract selection Shift+Alt+-
Go To Definition F12
Peek Definition Alt+F12
Go To Definition stack Ctrl+Shift+8 (Back)
Ctrl+Shift+7 (Forward)
Close the Peek Definition window Esc
Promote the Peek Definition window to a regular document tab Ctrl+Alt+Home
Navigate between multiple Peek Definition windows Ctrl+Alt+- and Ctrl+Alt+=
Navigate between multiple Peek results F8 and Shift+F8
Toggle between the code editor window and the Peek Definition window Shift+Esc
Go to enclosing block Ctrl+Alt+Up arrow
Go to next/previous issue Alt+PgUp / Alt+PgDn
Contextual navigation menu Alt+`


Task Shortcut
Start debugging F5
Stop debugging Shift+F5
Restart debugging Ctrl+Shift+F5
Step over F10
Step into F11
Step out Shift+F11
Run to cursor Ctrl+F10
Set next statement Ctrl+Shift+F10
Set and toggle breakpoint F9
Disable breakpoint Ctrl+F9
Immediate window Ctrl+Alt+I
Immediate window command mode Type >
Immediate window - clear buffer Type cls
Immediate window - print value Type ?varname

Find in the editor

| Task | Shortcut | | Quick Find | Ctrl+F | | Quick Find Next Result | Enter | | Quick Find Previous Result | Shift+Enter | | Quick Find Expand Drop Down | Alt+Down arrow | | Dismiss Find | Esc | | Quick Replace | Ctrl+H | | Quick Replace - Replace Next| Alt+R | | Quick Replace - Replace All | Alt+A | | Find in Files | Ctrl+Shift+F | | Replace in Files | Ctrl+Shift+H |

Task Shortcut
Solution Explorer search Ctrl+;
Place focus in search box in any tool window (except editor) Alt+` when the tool window has focus
Search Visual Studio Ctrl+Q
Search box results filter @opt - Options
@cmd - Commands
@mru - Most recently used
@doc - Open documents
Search in Tools Options Ctrl+E


Task Shortcut
Add buttons Select the toolbar overflow button
Find combo in standard toolbar Ctrl+D
Find textbox command mode Type >
Create new alias Type alias in the Command window

Window management

Task Shortcut
Maximize floating window Double-click on title bar
Maximize/minimize windows Win+Up arrow / Win+Down arrow
Redock floating window Ctrl+double-click on title bar
Move/dock floating windows Win+Left arrow / Win+Right arrow
Close active document Ctrl+F4
Show open file list Ctrl+Alt+Down arrow
Show all floating windows Ctrl+Shift+M
Show jump list Win+Alt+N
Start new instance Win+Shift+N
Switch between windows Win+N

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