C# Language How to Start Learning C# While Still in College

How to Start Learning C# While Still in College

Do you want to teach yourself to code while you’re still in college? It could take you about two to three months to learn the basics of C# if you can spend an hour or so a day on learning it. There are a vast number of programming languages but C# is a good choice because it is so approachable. It has some advanced, sophisticated features but as a beginner, you can simply ignore them until you feel ready to handle them.

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Advantages of learning C#

C# is a modern, general-purpose programming language developed by Microsoft. Mi-crosoft supports C# heavily and regularly issues fixes and updates. As one of the most popular programming languages, it also has a large and active user community making it easy to ask questions and receive help.

C# is easy to learn and you can use it to develop a wide array of software, including video games and web applications. Part of the ease of coding comes from the fact that C# is an object-oriented programming language which makes it flexible, efficient, and scalable. It is arguably the strongest language in the .NET framework, which includes hundreds of libraries for working with the file system, managing security etc.

Fundamentals for beginners

It is easy to find tutorials online but choosing the right one is more difficult. Microsoft Vir-tual Academy offers a C# tutorial entitled "C# fundamentals for absolute beginners." Bob Tabor, an expert in the industry, takes you through 25 episodes with each episode han-dling a different topic. You will discover tools, see how to write code, explore customiza-tions, and much more. Learning how to apply your skills to mobile apps and video games is included in the course. Some of the course topics include:

  • Understanding your first C# program
  • Creating your first C# program
  • Understanding data types and variables
  • Understanding arrays
  • Working with dates and times

Essay writing help for students

A college student wanting to study a programming language while at college may have difficulty finding the time. Getting essay writing help can free up the time to learn pro-gramming which could be invaluable in a future career. Professional essay help by EduBirdie offers the opportunity to buy essay online. A professional essay writer will write a plagiarism-free, quality essay within the required deadline. Academic writing standards are high and students can learn a great deal from the essay they receive.

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Free online tutorials

Tutorials Teacher features free online technology tutorials for beginners and profes-sionals. It offers C# tutorials that will help you learn C#, with basic to advance level top-ics. Each tutorial consists of sections that contain related topics. The tutorials contain explanations that are easy to understand, tips, real-world examples and informative notes. Each one has a "points to remember" section. The tutorials will help beginners to learn C# step-by-step and include topics such as:

  • Data types, classes and variables
  • Switches and loops
  • Strings and arrays

Tutorial Teacher also offers tutorials to help learn other programming languages. C# borrows some concepts from several other languages, most notably from Java. Java is another of the best programming languages to learn for a career as a software develop-er.

Get certified

Eduonix offers a free tutorial to learn C# from scratch. A bonus to doing this course is the option to get certified on completion. Key topics include:

  • Introduction to C#
  • Iteration and Jumps
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • LINQ and C# Network Programming

Work on beginner programming projects

The "Build 10 C# Beginner Projects from Scratch" offered on Udemy, one of the largest online learning platforms will help you to learn the language practically as you work on programming projects. The course content consists of 11 sections and 81 lectures. For instance, five lectures deal with building a web browser and another five with building a digital clock. You can also learn to build a calculator, currency converter, your own Google Maps and a Ping Pong game. You have to pay for this project-based course and you need a basic knowledge of C# for doing it.


It can be hard if you’re a student at college to fit in learning a programming language on top of studying, attending lectures and writing assignments. Learning C# is extremely useful and it can open up all kinds of possibilities. It is a powerful programming lan-guage with a wide range of uses and with the number of tutorials you can find online, you have some great choices when you want to start learning.

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