Node.js async.each(To handle array of data efficiently)


When we want to handle array of data, its better to use async.each. When we want to perform something with all data & want to get the final callback once everything is done, then this method will be useful. This is handled in parallel way.

function createUser(userName, callback)
    //create user in db
    callback(null)//or error based on creation

var arrayOfData = ['Ritu', 'Sid', 'Tom'];
async.each(arrayOfData, function(eachUserName, callback) {

    // Perform operation on each user.
    console.log('Creating user '+eachUserName);
    //Returning callback is must. Else it wont get the final callback, even if we miss to return one callback
    createUser(eachUserName, callback);
}, function(err) {
    //If any of the user creation failed may throw error.
    if( err ) {
      // One of the iterations produced an error.
      // All processing will now stop.
      console.log('unable to create user');
    } else {
      console.log('All user created successfully');

To do one at a time can use async.eachSeries