Node.js Web Apps With Express

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Express is a minimal and flexible Node.js web application framework, providing a robust set of features for building web applications.

The official website of Express is The source can be found on GitHub.


  • app.get(path [, middleware], callback[, callback...])
  • app.put(path [, middleware], callback[, callback...])
  • [, middleware], callback[, callback...])
  • app['delete'](path [, middleware], callback[, callback...])
  • app.use(path [, middleware], callback[, callback...])
  • app.use(callback)


pathSpecifies the path portion or the URL that the given callback will handle.
middlewareOne or more functions which will be called before the callback. Essentially a chaining of multiple callback functions. Useful for more specific handling for example authorization or error handling.
callbackA function that will be used to handle requests to the specified path. It will be called like callback(request, response, next), where request, response, and next are described below.
callback requestAn object encapsulating details about the HTTP request that the callback is being called to handle.
responseAn object that is used to specify how the server should respond to the request.
nextA callback that passes control on to the next matching route. It accepts an optional error object.

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