Node.js Event Emitters Get the names of the events that are subscribed to


The function EventEmitter.eventNames() will return an array containing the names of the events currently subscribed to.

const EventEmitter = require("events");
class MyEmitter extends EventEmitter{}

var emitter = new MyEmitter();

.on("message", function(){ //listen for message event
    console.log("a message was emitted!");
.on("message", function(){ //listen for message event
    console.log("this is not the right message");
.on("data", function(){ //listen for data event
    console.log("a data just occured!!");

console.log(emitter.eventNames()); //=> ["message","data"]
emitter.removeAllListeners("data");//=> removeAllListeners to data event
console.log(emitter.eventNames()); //=> ["message"]

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