Node.js Autoreload on changes Autoreload on source code changes using nodemon


The nodemon package makes it possible to automatically reload your program when you modify any file in the source code.

Installing nodemon globally

npm install -g nodemon (or npm i -g nodemon)

Installing nodemon locally

In case you don't want to install it globally

npm install --save-dev nodemon (or npm i -D nodemon)

Using nodemon

Run your program with nodemon entry.js (or nodemon entry)

This replaces the usual use of node entry.js (or node entry).

You can also add your nodemon startup as an npm script, which might be useful if you want to supply parameters and not type them out every time.

Add package.json:

  "scripts": {
    "start": "nodemon entry.js -devmode -something 1"

This way you can just use npm start from your console.