Python Language Dictionary All combinations of dictionary values


options = {
    "x": ["a", "b"],
    "y": [10, 20, 30]

Given a dictionary such as the one shown above, where there is a list representing a set of values to explore for the corresponding key. Suppose you want to explore "x"="a" with "y"=10, then "x"="a" with"y"=10, and so on until you have explored all possible combinations.

You can create a list that returns all such combinations of values using the following code.

import itertools

options = {
    "x": ["a", "b"],
    "y": [10, 20, 30]}

keys = options.keys()
values = (options[key] for key in keys)
combinations = [dict(zip(keys, combination)) for combination in itertools.product(*values)]
print combinations

This gives us the following list stored in the variable combinations:

[{'x': 'a', 'y': 10},
 {'x': 'b', 'y': 10},
 {'x': 'a', 'y': 20},
 {'x': 'b', 'y': 20},
 {'x': 'a', 'y': 30},
 {'x': 'b', 'y': 30}]