Python Language Neo4j and Cypher using Py2Neo Adding Nodes to Neo4j Graph


results = News.objects.todays_news()
for r in results:
    article = graph.merge_one("NewsArticle", "news_id", r)["title"] = results[r]['news_title']["timestamp"] = results[r]['news_timestamp']

Adding nodes to the graph is pretty simple,graph.merge_one is important as it prevents duplicate items. (If you run the script twice, then the second time it would update the title and not create new nodes for the same articles)

timestamp should be an integer and not a date string as neo4j doesnt really have a date datatype. This causes sorting issues when you store date as '05-06-1989'

article.push() is an the call that actually commits the operation into neo4j. Dont forget this step.