Python Language Database Access Connection


Creating a connection

According to PEP 249, the connection to a database should be established using a connect() constructor, which returns a Connection object. The arguments for this constructor are database dependent. Refer to the database specific topics for the relevant arguments.

import MyDBAPI

con = MyDBAPI.connect(*database_dependent_args)

This connection object has four methods:

1: close


Closes the connection instantly. Note that the connection is automatically closed if the Connection.__del___ method is called. Any pending transactions will implicitely be rolled back.

2: commit


Commits any pending transaction the to database.

3: rollback


Rolls back to the start of any pending transaction. In other words: this cancels any non-committed transaction to the database.

4: cursor

cur = con.cursor()

Returns a Cursor object. This is used to do transactions on the database.