Python Language Audio Working with WAV files



  • Windows environment
import winsound
winsound.PlaySound("path_to_wav_file.wav", winsound.SND_FILENAME)


  • Support mono/stereo
  • Doesn't support compression/decompression
import wave
with"path_to_wav_file.wav", "rb") as wav_file:    # Open WAV file in read-only mode.
    # Get basic information.
    n_channels = wav_file.getnchannels()      # Number of channels. (1=Mono, 2=Stereo).
    sample_width = wav_file.getsampwidth()    # Sample width in bytes.
    framerate = wav_file.getframerate()       # Frame rate.
    n_frames = wav_file.getnframes()          # Number of frames.
    comp_type = wav_file.getcomptype()        # Compression type (only supports "NONE").
    comp_name = wav_file.getcompname()        # Compression name.

    # Read audio data.
    frames = wav_file.readframes(n_frames)    # Read n_frames new frames.
    assert len(frames) == sample_width * n_frames

# Duplicate to a new WAV file.
with"path_to_new_wav_file.wav", "wb") as wav_file:    # Open WAV file in write-only mode.
    # Write audio data.
    params = (n_channels, sample_width, framerate, n_frames, comp_type, comp_name)