Python Language Basic Curses with Python The wrapper() helper function.


While the basic invocation above is easy enough, the curses package provides the wrapper(func, ...) helper function. The example below contains the equivalent of above:

main(scr, *args):
    # -- Perform an action with Screen --
    scr.addstr(5, 5, 'Hello from Curses!', curses.A_BOLD)
    scr.addstr(6, 5, 'Press q to close this screen', curses.A_NORMAL)

    while True:
        # stay in this loop till the user presses 'q'
        ch = scr.getch()
        if ch == ord('q'):

Here, wrapper will initialize curses, create stdscr, a WindowObject and pass both stdscr, and any further arguments to func. When func returns, wrapper will restore the terminal before the program exits.