Python Language String Formatting Alignment and padding


Python 2.x2.6

The format() method can be used to change the alignment of the string. You have to do it with a format expression of the form :[fill_char][align_operator][width] where align_operator is one of:

  • < forces the field to be left-aligned within width.
  • > forces the field to be right-aligned within width.
  • ^ forces the field to be centered within width.
  • = forces the padding to be placed after the sign (numeric types only).

fill_char (if omitted default is whitespace) is the character used for the padding.

'{:~<9s}, World'.format('Hello')
# 'Hello~~~~, World'

'{:~>9s}, World'.format('Hello')
# '~~~~Hello, World'

# '~~Hello~~'

# '-00123'

Note: you could achieve the same results using the string functions ljust(), rjust(), center(), zfill(), however these functions are deprecated since version 2.5.