Python Language PyInstaller - Distributing Python Code Installation and Setup


Pyinstaller is a normal python package. It can be installed using pip:

pip install pyinstaller

Installation in Windows
For Windows, pywin32 or pypiwin32 is a prerequisite. The latter is installed automatically when pyinstaller is installed using pip.

Installation in Mac OS X
PyInstaller works with the default Python 2.7 provided with current Mac OS X. If later versions of Python are to be used or if any major packages such as PyQT, Numpy, Matplotlib and the like are to be used, it is recommended to install them using either MacPorts or Homebrew.

Installing from the archive
If pip is not available, download the compressed archive from PyPI.
To test the development version, download the compressed archive from the develop branch of PyInstaller Downloads page.

Expand the archive and find the script. Execute python install with administrator privilege to install or upgrade PyInstaller.

Verifying the installation
The command pyinstaller should exist on the system path for all platforms after a successful installation.
Verify it by typing pyinstaller --version in the command line. This will print the current version of pyinstaller.