Python Language Basic Input and Output Printing a string without a newline at the end


Python 2.x2.3

In Python 2.x, to continue a line with print, end the print statement with a comma. It will automatically add a space.

print "Hello,",
print "World!"
# Hello, World!
Python 3.x3.0

In Python 3.x, the print function has an optional end parameter that is what it prints at the end of the given string. By default it's a newline character, so equivalent to this:

print("Hello, ", end="\n")
# Hello, 
# World!

But you could pass in other strings

print("Hello, ", end="")
# Hello, World!

print("Hello, ", end="<br>")
# Hello, <br>World!

print("Hello, ", end="BREAK")
# Hello, BREAKWorld!

If you want more control over the output, you can use sys.stdout.write:

import sys

sys.stdout.write("Hello, ")
# Hello, World!