Type inference (classes)

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Developers can be caught out by the fact that type inference doesn't work for constructors:

class Tuple<T1,T2>
   public Tuple(T1 value1, T2 value2)

var x = new Tuple(2, "two");              // This WON'T work...
var y = new Tuple<int, string>(2, "two"); // even though the explicit form will.

The first way of creating instance without explicitly specifying type parameters will cause compile time error which would say:

Using the generic type 'Tuple<T1, T2>' requires 2 type arguments

A common workaround is to add a helper method in a static class:

static class Tuple
    public static Tuple<T1, T2> Create<T1, T2>(T1 value1, T2 value2)
         return new Tuple<T1, T2>(value1, value2);

var x = Tuple.Create(2, "two");  // This WILL work...


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